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Hello, I am Leela Ram Newar and first of all I am really pleased and thankful to see you in my blog. While you are at it, just sip a coffee and browse through my articles and posts, I love to write and work toward elimination of social injustice and inequalities. I believe that as a species we have a lot to achieve and we can reach the epitome of evolution through collective effort toward having a basic standard of living without any prejudice or social stigma.



Things I Do


I am a teacher by profession and I have been teaching my student almost all my life and I believe that teaching is one of the holiest things to do and I am grateful to be bestowed with this duty. Profession - Associate Associate Professor of Economics at Silapathar College. Education - MA in Economics at North Eastern Hill University, Shillong. Economics Major at St. Anthony's College, Shillong.

Social Causes

Our district "Dhemaji" is one of the most remote places in India with very poor means of communication and exposure to the changes that are happening all over the world, So its our responsibility to walk with the changes and spread awareness against social injustices and inequalities, so doing my part in what ever way I can.


Words have a lot more power than we anticipate, So I think we should share our thoughts on various issues with rest of the world and today in this globally exposed and connected world, its just a few clicks away. So I have decided to take this opportunity and share my thoughts on various things via my blog.


A picture speaks more than words ever can


Latest Posts

What is the punishment for participating in a Mob lynching?

Karan Singh of IGLS, published by Anubhav Pandey Punishment for mob Lynching As mob lynching is increasing day by day and this leading to the killing of innocent people. Is…

I am speechless

I am posting Chintamoni Chamlagain’s fb post verbatim. “Keep aside all your yearnings for a minute, receive calls from none. Now close your eyes and ask yourself how much money…

Guarantee labour rights for conservancy workers employed by MCGM

Over 6900 BMC Waste Management workers, for the past 20 years, have been fighting for their worker rights and a permanent worker status that guarantees social and job security. Instead, they…

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