I am speechless

I am posting Chintamoni Chamlagain’s fb post verbatim. “Keep aside all your yearnings for a minute, receive calls from none. Now close your eyes and ask yourself how much money you really want and why. Have you time to watch the beauty of nature? Have you ever spent a week with your relatives without anxieties? Do you have an experience of travelling to a far away place with your children? Have you ever shared a smile at the dining table or in the office ? Have you ever thought if you are always good with your friends and colleagues? Have you really taken care of your parents in their old age or simply observed formalities to avoid social criticisms? Have you ever offered cash to the poor and needy without being asked for it? What remarkable social service have you rendered without expecting the slightest trace of fame? Are you a loving person amongst your colleagues or have you ever changed your place of work due to tussles with them? Don’t you at times feel proud of having immeasurable property and white-collar job? Now judge in what way you are good. Find if you have performed your duty as a man, as a son, as a father, as a friend, as a husband, as a colleague in the staff room and as a good and honest citizen . Is money everything in life? Don’t we at times feel that we are slowly being trapped by wants and by the desire of their fulfilment? Lovely is the nature; lovelier are God’s creations. What is wanted here is our spare hours to enjoy them. We want to exchange our peace with luxury, we take money for comfort and we eventually sell out ourselves for nothing. What an irony of life!”

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